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Kerry Moy

Professional Overview

About Kerry Moy

Skilled in Financial Planning, Wealth Management Services, and Portfolio Management, Kerry Moy is a seasoned professional with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry and more than 35 years of experience managing wealth. Across his career, Kerry has established his place in the industry as an experienced Principal with strong knowledge of portfolio management, financial planning, finance, family office, and wealth management services. 

Kerry Moy attended the University of Illinois in Chicago, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance in 1983. After graduating, he began his tenure on Wall Street when he joined the team at Merrill Lynch in 1985. Kerry worked with Merrill Lynch for more than 28 years, moving from Portfolio Manager into the esteemed role of Senior Vice President. In 2012, after he was headhunted by another prestigious firm, Kerry Moy made the tough decision to leave Merrill Lynch and head off to his next venture, where he held the roles of Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager Director, and First Vice President. After six years of building knowledge and experience in his roles and more than 30 years assisting clients in a corporate environment, Kerry decided to step out on his own into the financial services industry; he founded Moy Wealth Advisors in 2019, where he presently serves as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. 

Because of his background and the professional experience Kerry offers, clients who partner with Moy Wealth Advisors get the best of both financial worlds; not only do they get the customization that only independent firms are able to provide, they also get the protection and security found only with big Wall Street firms. 

With his clients’ best interests always at the forefront, Kerry Moy brings his knowledge, wisdom, and expertise to every portfolio to ensure financial security and protection, understand the current economic climate to maximize returns, and manage the risk and expectations of every client. With a client base of retirement plans, corporations, and high net worth investors, Kerry uses his experience and knowledge to help his clients achieve the financial goals they’ve built for the future. 

Kerry Moy is also a Principal with M2K Group, which operates restaurants including EMC Seafood, Wokcano Restaurant, and Bunker Hill Bar n Grill, among others. Outside of his career, Kerry enjoys jazz music as both a musician and a composer. Check out Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music to hear more! 

To gain more insight into professionalism and the world of financial services, be sure to check out Kerry Moy’s blog page for the newest postings! 


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